Grandaisy® Ivory

It's new
It's very early
And perfect trailing

You’ll often see the classic trailing Surfinia® varieties like Purple, Hot Pink or White. Just hanging from window boxes in hanging baskets or on street lanterns. But never in red. Well that changes today!
We introduce to you, the first early blooming red trailing Petunia. The Surfinia® Trailing Red.

It’s really, really, really early flowering (week 14), has the largest flowers on a red Surfinia® ever (6,5 cm), superb Surfinia® quality, fast flowering like Surfinia® Deep Red, it’s rain resistant, well branched, floriferous and vigorous. It’s just the best red trailing Petunia there is.

If you don’t believe us on our big beautiful blue eyes. Just get in touch and test them yourself.

About Grandaisy®

Mega big flowers
Bright colors
Bold growth

The original Grandaisy® range consists of Argyranthemum (Chrysanthemum) with super-large flowers (6 cm), which are early blooming and have striking colours. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate and can be used as a patio plant, in balcony boxes and as a bedding plant.

Grandaisy® (Argyranthemum) conjures up that special summer feeling like no other plant can. Happy and care-free enjoyment of hot days and sultry evenings in the garden or on the patio and balcony. Grandaisy® is an uncomplicated, unassuming and understated plant that will bring you summer every day and put a smile on every face. Perhaps that’s why consumers love Grandaisy® so much. In any case, it’s why we want to share the Grandaisy® experience with everyone.

Grandaisy® is the new standard in large flowered daisies. A high value product, early flowering, ultimate branching, ….