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Ivory Halo

Hello halo!

The bright white coloured Grandaisy Ivory Halo is an Argyranthemum with remarkable big flowers. In the middle of the flower you will find a light yellow ring around a dark heart from where its name arises. This Argyranthemum variety blooms early, has a medium vigour, good branching, and a strong garden performance. Moreover, it has a great re-flowering power at the end of the season. Therefore, you can enjoy Ivory Halo throughout the year.

Yellow Sunshine

Sunny side up
The Grandaisy® Yellow Sunshine is another yellow variety. But where our Gold variety is shimmering, shiny and bright, is Grandaisy® Yellow Sunshine a softer yellow


“Golden beauty”

This very special gold Argyranthemum immediately catches your eye when it reaches its full flowering potential. The big flowers of gleaming yellow gold have dark brown hearts and form a homogene flower display, transforming your garden into a sea of gold. This Grandaisy variety has a perfect round mounding shape and is very compact, which makes it easy to grow and is perfectly suited for big pots.

Pink Tourmaline

“Pink it up”

The Grandaisy Pink Tourmaline has an unusual intense pink colour with a white ring that contrasts with its dark heart. The exceptionally large and vivid flowers are matched by light green foliage and a compact growth habit. This striking variety with high colour impact, shows its full potential on a sunny place, where it will flower abundantly.


“Big red jewel”

This red jewel starts its abundant flowering with a hint of yellow, turning into a bright red colour which is intensified by the dark green foliage and the yellow ring around the dark heart of the flower. This special Argyranthemum shows its super large flowers beautifully due to its compact growth.